“Native American societies have a lived sense of the unity of all living things, as expressed in the Native American phrase ‘all my relations,’ which has been called a prayer and a cosmology in one breath.”

Herr Hawley 2024!

We are all WITNESSES!

I am a retired public interest lawyer observing the spectacle of Trump’s ongoing coup attempt. While I didn’t do a lot of trial work in my career, I can assure you that there has never been a trial in our jurisprudential history where the jury was comprised entirely of witnesses.

Philosophy Student & FEMEN Activist during Christmas Mass

“In silence you must bear a world of pain, subject yourself to the cruel abuse of men.”

~ Greek Goddess Athena, from The Odyssey, by Homer

I am a single issue voter.

Why aren’t you?

Seriously. The GOP rose to power, from Reagan to Trump, on the electoral strength of a single issue: the right to life. It’s that big of an issue for some folks. So big, in the view of millions of single issue voters, that evangelicals can view a fallen human being…

Zhiwa Woodbury

Ecopsychologist, author of “Climate Sense: Changing the Way We Think & Feel About Our Climate in Crisis,” Researcher, author of academic paper “Climate Trauma.”

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